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Cutting-Edge Projects - 2020
The firm seen a new opportunity in a technology in it's infancy, the project started 4 years ago, we invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of man hours in developing a, New Way To Webcam! This technology we built for us & you.

project release updates

further release updates via e-mail & on our project page.

pre-project release  |  Dec. 2019

Technology is now congruent with development, & has come full-circle. With each new update & iteration, the project reveals, we will be able to utilize for various application...

Over the next several weeks & after the X-Mas/New Year break, the prototype testing phase will be conducting, stress-tests of hardware & benchmark tests of software & hardware components.

pre-project release  |  Jan. 2020

New Updates Will Be Released In The New Year...

pre-project release  |  Jan. 2020

In Las Vegas For Consumer Electronics Show (C.E.S), Acquiring Vendors For The Hardware. The Show Has Been Amazing, Better Than We Expected...

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