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End of 2020

Flow Of Global Content

The Truth About 2020... Opportunity Ahead!

March 2020, the world made an unprecedented change, & none of us got-a-say in it, the ordered stay-at-home-social-distancing- quarantine made us all turn to the internet!

If you were smart, you looked to upgrade or learn new skills to be prepared for the after-pandemic, but truth most people globally turned to social networks & the Adult Industry...

In June 2020, something happened, our network (AdultSeminars & The Entertainment Firm) got bombarded with the largest amount of messages from clients & prospects, asking the same question, "How & Can We Create Content In Covid?"...

Now we had already had conversations about that very subject, & the fact - people are going to need to make consistent  money in light of the world chaos.

So the AS Legal Team went to work on figuring out is it legal & feasible to create content during the existence of Covid-19 pandemic, we looked at variations to create a waiver, & then a step-forward, the medical lab that does Adult Industry testing, TalentTesting includes tests for Covid... 

So all things combined, clients & newcomers are able to create content again, & what does it look like for you & creators... :

    • ⚡ Global consumption has jumped an estimated 59% in 2020 over 2019.
    • ⚡ Profit from content has leaped by 370%.
    • ⚡ Clients have seen monthly revenue increases from 83% - 210%.
    • ⚡ Newcomers & clients have seen the quickest ability for expansion in to other Adult Industry niches.
    • ⚡ New WebCam Studios & Production Co. start-ups have exploded since April 2020, & only going to keep growing.

If you seen the data figures on our main page, the growth of consumers consuming content is going to grow at break-neck speeds, work-at-home is now a trend, but those who do not take advantage to owning an internet content business now, is going to be lost in the future, & that is a serious fact...

💯 The $5 . $6 . $7 . $8-figure income is a reality in the Adult Industry, clients & newcomers are doing it, money & sexy is in all our grasp!!!

The Hottest 🔥 Trend Is Content - Any of It - All Of It - 2021 & Beyond...

December 2020

Pornhub Controversy ⚡

Big Credit Card Co.'s Cancel Pornhub!

As of December 12th, Discover, Visa & MasterCard have pulled their processing services from Pornhub, siting that Pornhub has knowingly allowed illegal content to be streamed from their globally popular website. This is a very real & controversial topic, that will affect the world of adult for years to come...

Many content creators are beside themselves with anxiety, over where does this leave them in the scheme of things, so we will lay-out somethings here to ease the fear.

The Negative

  1. Yes this will impact the industry, that is clear & no-way-around-it.
  2. There are very shady content creators out there, that believe they will never get caught.
  3. The money owed to content creators, maybe never paid to them.

The Positive

  1. The largest majority of producers have nothing to worry or fear, why - because they are hopefully doing everything legal & above board.
  2. 2257 Compliant will be a key element.
  3. If required providing written & video of production process.
  4. 3rd Party Custodian of Records - your starting-line of defense.
  5. You have real legal documents (prepared by a legitimate legal attorney) & completed correctly.
  6. You have not went outside the lines of obscenity.
  7. And at minimum you have multiple revenue streams, 2 - 5 - 7 other ways to generate money from your content.

A wise suggestion for all (no matter how small or large - if you DO NOT have a 3rd Party Custodian of all your records) is to revue your content, documentation. Make sure you have it stored safely, & all together for easy access.

Now In Final

Newcomers have nothing to fear from starting their business in the industry, it doesn't matter what industry, if you are shady, cut-corners, do things with questionable actions - meaning illegal, your always going to face the law, so the thing to do no matter your business or industry is do it right the first time, or don't do it at all...

⚡ Also, majority of adult business is not reliant on Pornhub for sales, & with the world already in chaos from the Covid-19 pandemic, & bored people still at home, the money that is being made by the legal adult businesses is crushing it, in the quarantine, during quarantine & will be if they are smart out of quarantine!

With all that said, you have got to have all the right information, guidance, & access to do a successful business & that goes for any industry you would choose, but your here because the Adult Industry, seems to be your industry choice, so if you want all the things needed, let us know!!!

So go through our site, go through all the information, & send us a form if your ready to get started...

July 2020

Covid-19 Update

Future Covid-19 Waiver For Our Clients

Numerous clients are making content during the quarantine, but want to know that they are doing it & being legal to make it . show it . sell it...

This is a difficult position to be in, the need to survive by working to make money has been adversely affected by Covid, people are required to social distance . stay home, right now content creators have super-bored stay-at-home-captive-audiences, & what does that mean...

Billions of people will turn to the internet to quell the boredom, & adult content is at the top of the list for boredom relief.

All adult businesses will need a way to safely & legally create their content, so the legal team is coming up with a Covid-19 waiver.

We knew that this would be coming in the future, at the start of this pandemic, & our clients asked, & our purpose is to try to help our clients be successful, period.

So go through our site, go through all the information, & send us a form if your ready to get started...

February 2020

Spielberg’s 23yr old daughter joins adult entertainment

Steven Spielberg Daughter Chooses Adult Entertainment

Daughter of legendary film-maker Steven Spielberg, Mikaela Spielberg, 23, revealed on Wednesday that she is starring in her own solo adult videos.

Now the main reason for this post, it's not super-big or earth-shattering, but what it does show, is that the Adult Entertainment Industry is an industry people think about, turn to, for many reasons..

🎯 Money . Lifestyle . Freedom . Sexy . Glamourous . Fame, whatever the reason, your here to stay because you have the need for your own command, in your own business.

So go through our site, go through all the information, & send us a form if your ready to get started...