FACT : Money Required.

In any industry, the starting capital varies, and with every passing year, the numbers change, in 2010, an adult business could be started with $3k - $12k, that could get your company going. Fast-forward 10 years...

Now in 2020, the real dollar amount for a viable start :

-  Adult Production Co.  =  $10k - $15k
-  Adult Talent Agency  =  $8k - $12k
-  WebCam Studio Co.  =  $7.5k - $100k

Lesser amounts, can be worked with, but most businesses struggle and are in constant flux, growth stalls and ultimately fail. A different state of mind is necessary to succeed, (want to know more about the numbers, contact the firm.)


Trends change now in a window of 6 - 9 months, but trends don't always mean success, time is key, small changes & tweaks are key, and most importantly, moderate growth is key.

Best Choice For Today & Future : A WebCam Co., most potential, best for scaled growth, & that growth leads to continual profit, best all around for success. How we know, because the firm & many firm clients own small - medium - large studios'.

FACT - international studios, give the fastest return, & fastest growth, over any other business option.  FACT - an international client of the firm, has studio locations in multiple countries, with 500 -700 models, & yearly gross revenue in : excess of $15 million.

FACT : Protecting Your A.I.R.

Protecting your assets, identity, & reputation (A.I.R.), is as important as the air you need to breath, our firm has a rock-solid plan that is implemented to protect you, your family, your business, in all areas.

Each client has different needs, but the strategy works for all, our philosophy : "Don't let a fun life, impact the real life!"...

FACT : Hybrid-mesh business

People come looking for a specific-track, when the industry is one that allows co-mingling, business direction & revenue streams, require to branch-out, to all areas of adult for growth & profit.

Reality Fact : Production & an Agency have limitations, because of the how the business operates, models aren't considered employees, but you can expand out to webcam.

Whereas WebCam can expand in to production & an agency, because your main product is captive models, & you are expanding opportunities from with-in for the models.

This is a much longer discussion, but this creates a new thought process, for you going forward...

FACT : Technology & Business

Expenses incurred during the life-span of your business, are the cost of doing business, but how & what you spend can be mitigated by making smarter decisions & best moves.

What does that mean, ex. buying a $3000. camera, when the technology today, will work perfectly at buying a $400. camera.

Want & need is a fine line, buy what you need now, create a successful business, then buy everything you want.


FAQ-1 : Is adult legal in the U.S.?

Adult is legal, each state varies in there laws & regulations, & also federal laws have to be taken into account, but following guidelines that protect your business, the models, the production of content, is a must, to stay compliant.

Many producers, believe that their content production process is legally done, but legally is questionable. Produce legally questionable content, makes the content unusable for sale.

FAQ-2 : What laws?

Here are just a few of the legal considerations :

-   Obsentity Laws
-   2257 Compliance
-   Copyright & Trademark Laws
-   Legal Docs, Contracts & Filings
-   Banking & IRS Regulations

Many ask to try to figure out on their own, without retaining legal, or having advisers, that is like "wanting to fly an airplane, but without a pilot". How you think that turns out?

Your legal is not just adult, but also business, & all adult businesses, across the board, have to comply...

FAQ-3 : Is my age or looks a factor?

Age & how you look is not a factor, the foundation is built on : professionalism, legal, reputation, respect, trust, honoring agreements, the work.

Don't be "Stranger Danger, Creeper"; & this industry is a lifestyle many dream of. Parties & events become norm, whatever you're looking for, the industry can provide.

FAQ-4 : Do I need to quit my job?

No, you do not need to quit your job or career, the adult business can be worked full-time or part-time, weekends, it is your business, you decide how you work your business, when & if you take it as your sole income generator.

FAQ-5 : What if I have a new idea?

Protect your ideas like gold, do not share your idea with everyone, do not broadcast on social media... (lol)

Seriously, keep it to yourself, work your idea, make it reality, if your idea needs to be protected legally, get it protected, if you have a million-dollar idea, don't lose your fortune, by talking to much!

FAQ-6 : My family & friends?

Seriously, say nothing, no one needs to know, unless you decide to tell them, your business!

FAQ-7 : international, but...?

The business strategy you take is key, international business is the most profitable option, why?

Because of currency exchange rates, cost of living of the people, career opportunities, & more... Ex. : 5 room studio in the U.S = 15 room studio in another country.

We have business strategies that allow you to start & live abroad, or the connections so you can partner with a reliable resource, so you can travel to your business as necessitates, & not live there.

Your adult business only changes your life, how you decide!

This F.A.Q. stands Alone!
is the adult industry as fun, as i think it is?

The Answer :

Excitement & fun takes many different forms & levels, the day you start, its exciting & fun, it is the unknown, when you complete the process of setting up your business, to the first time you are working with models, whether it be in production or webcam, to booking & arriving at your first adult event, hanging out with like-minded cool people at parties & the after-parties. You Have To Experience It For Yourself!

No matter what is missing or you're needing in your life, the reality, if you give 100% to business & 100% to the fun lifestyle, you get out of the adult industry, what you put in to it...  AdultSeminars will keep you legal, protected & help you stay on track, we're your advisers, we oversee & keep you grounded & focused!

But, if your living your life by playing a version of "red-light - green-light", then your probably always stopped at "red" - just saying, you got to be the change you need & be brave & Do Something!

(bravery is not without the absence of fear, but doing something in the presence of fear & continuing forward anyway...)

Firm - Facts & F.A.Q.'s

Use the information that you're acquiring on our site, this information is so you make educated decisions, we'll put you ahead of the learning curve, but where you put yourself, is up to you!

We're here, we've been here for over 21+ years, If you're serious, & want to get started now, then contact our firm, via one of our forms on the site, & expect to hear from us.

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