Our Short Story - AdultSeminars

Our story started in 1996, a small mainstream law firm in Florida, the firm was like most others, we did the normal law, you think of. But the difference in us & them, everybody knew the founder, they were his friends & he was theirs. In 1996, the internet had been around for only a couple years, people were still trying to figure it out, meaning “how can we make money”, but many were already making serious money, in ADULT

And this is where our firms story begins, (we were the newbies, lol) many were saying & asking the question;  “We’re making buckets of money, but is this legal, are we doing it legally, are we safe in the law…

So, friends became clients, & paid for us to research & learn this new way of making money on this thing called, the internet. At the time there was not much information, about or on the internet, & back then there was no Google, so it was an up-hill battle to create strategies to protect & keep everyone safe & legal, but as with everything, time creates change.

Now quantum leap to today, we are one of the, if not the only one still doing this type of service for clients, meaning working with the small businesses, the new-comer to the adult industry, we have exponentially expanded our service, our reach, over our 21+ years, we now have a contact list & network of thousands of global clients (U.S. & International), vendors, & additional services (disclaimer: not thousands of services… but quite a few.) that is 2nd to none.

Whatever is needed for your adult business, we’ve a connection, or even a client that can provide their mainstream service to other AS Network members, & you maybe able to provide the same.

if this sounds great to you & you feel you need to be a part of something bigger…
Then take action & join us, start enjoying the benefits, the fruits of our labor!