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We provide legal . technology . new business opportunities . business services - also we're advisors & working entrepreneurs in diversified markets - Since 1996!


Yes absolutely, we have opportunities & access in to various industries, we have thousands of clients globally, our first access is legal as being a law firm, but we walk through with you, provide advisory on business.

Think of us as your cabinet of various experts of people you want to surround yourself with – to help solve problems & not make the same mistakes as others have…

We stay on top of the trends that generate revenue, trends can be misleading, as many are not prosperous, so the opportunities we are in, make money over & over again each year.

With the possibility of a recession coming, this is going to be more important than ever!

Yes we have a learning portal that we provide that is what we consider the foundation to starting your new business or even refreshing a current business.

Any payments or payment gateways go through AdultSeminars, this is the company name that you see when paying for services.

Now options are – people come with different needs & budgets, so we try to make ever option available we can, starting with us we do business so that you never lose money with us, many things we do roll-over, what does this mean?

Starting a business & building a business require some sort of continual budget, so…

  • Example – buy training, then decide to move forward on starting your business – what you paid for the training is credited towards starting your business retainer.
  • When starting your business, the key is conserving money, not spending it all as fast as you can, we teach moderation, moving at your pace.

We use all standard forms of payment, credit & debit card, wire, we are also working on setting up for crypto payments, the world is headed in a new direction & you have got to be able to move with it, or get left behind.

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