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01. Speak to someone that knows and understands the adult industry, many say they know, but the reality is they do not.

02. Get yourself the right legal counsel, structure your business so that you are protected and your fun life doesn't effect your real life.

03. Make sure that the adviser's you are listening to understand the type of business you want to start, and have connections to the world of adult.

04. Listen to who has experience in doing, not just telling others to do, what they possibly haven't done successfully. ( re-read )

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AdultSeminars has a 21+ year track record of authority and experience being in the adult industry...

01. Double digit years of Adult Legal Experience, the originator of AS, he is the Top Entertainment Attorney, that has literally helped 1000's of clients structure and protect their adult businesses and real lives.

02. Partner's in Adult Seminars have over 21 years of experience with cutting edge technology, and operating various successful adult businesses, WebCam to Production.

03. We know the trends, and we definitely know what is profitable, and what businesses have the most likely hood to succeed. We'll show how to have fun, stay safe and protected, all the while advising on possibly how to be profitable.

04. We Know What We're Doing! 🎖
sundance & netflix

hot girls wanted documentary (2015)

take an inside look at the adult industry, working with models & model life, perceptions of amateur porn stars.

a longtime client is featured in the film.

Watch the full documentary in the Fast-track training program.
silence is golden!

protecting ideas

01. Protect your ideas or concepts like hording gold... Many people speak to the wrong people about their idea or concept and lose big time, by speaking 😶 to the wrong people. Also, understand even if your idea is not a new one, we'll advise what to do.

02. You have an idea on what you will do in your adult business, OK perfect, but what are some of the pit-falls you may face, or do you understand the legality of starting and doing your idea(s). ( most people start with a web search, its good for research, but to much varied information )

03. When sitting down to layout your idea in to a business, you need to think about all that is needed to start and run that business ( legal, technology, equipment, staff, location, etc... )

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We can guarantee that you have done research, every client does, trying to learn the information on your own, research is not enough & definitely not as simple as you may have thought.

You want the right information & opportunities, but the brutal truth is, the internet doesn't give it & you need it, if you're going to do this 100% & even have a chance of success or a future.

We have written pertinent information on our site, everything here is important, but it's limited, because there's much to the industry & what we do with clients, you, us, for both its commitment.
01. Retain TEF // AS - You're ready to go now, have the starting capital, need to structure & protect, need guidance & contacts & as a client, you'll be able to build your social and business contacts, you'll have access to ( upto 4 ) seminars, events & sexy industry parties, one's we host or receive ( V.I.P. Status ) special invitation from our contacts - AVN, FetishCon, etc...

02. You Have 80% Of Your Budget - You only need another 20% to reach your budget goal, to get started, retain our law firm now & get going, the normal process time to structure, register, acquire business banking, takes about 30 - 45 days, we'll hold filings till reaching 90% of budget goal. You're Close!

03. You Have 50% Of Recommended Budget Goal - You only need another 50% to reach your budget goal to get started, we'll offer for you to retain our law firm now, through a monthly lay-a-way plan ( requires an initial payment & commitment to a monthly payment plan ), while building the remaining 50% of your budget, retaining us now, you'll have access to learn & ask questions. Half Way There!

04. You Have 25 - 50% Of Recommended Budget Goal - this is a longer process, we'll offer for you to retain our law firm now, you'll have a monthly lay-a-way plan ( requires an initial payment & commitment to a monthly payment plan ), finalizing your budget will take some time, you'll have access to learn, & this option will help you stay focused & prioritized to hit your goal, which is, Your Own Adult Business!
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